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Farm Facts: Strawberries

strawberry facts
Photo credit: Michael D. Tedesco

Did you know that Florida ranks No. 2 in the United States for strawberry production, second only to California? Fresh strawberries are available throughout the Sunshine State from November through the beginning of April, with peak harvest season occurring in February and March. Check out a few more fun facts about sweet Florida strawberries:

  • There are approximately 8,000 acres of strawberries grown in Florida.
  • Strawberries are the only fruit with seeds on the outside.
  • The average American consumes about 4.85 pounds of fresh and frozen strawberries each year.
  • A strawberry has about 200 seeds.
  • The strawberry is a member of the rose family.
  • Strawberries provide fiber, potassium, vitamin C and powerful antioxidants.
  • Plant City, Florida, is known as the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World.
  • In 2019, the production value of Florida strawberries totaled more than $307 million.

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